41 Job Titles in Tech. Which One Will be Yours?

Are you ready for a career upgrade? One of these jobs in tech could be JUST what you’re after.

Have you heard? Tech is where it’s at.

By 2028 there will be nearly one and a half million open jobs in the tech sector, tech skills are 20 of the top 25 most sought after skills by employers on Linkedin, and all 10 of the fastest growing keywords in job listings on Indeed are tech related. All of them!

If you’re new to tech, or if you just started learning some incredibly powerful skills, you still might not be sure what kind of job in tech you can actually GET.

We are all about freelancing here at Skillcrush, and we have a TON of resources to get you going in that department.

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But maybe you want a tried and true, full-time gig. The salaried kind, with benefits and water coolers. Or maybe you would LOVE a remote job, but you still want to get your 40 hours of company culture in.

And don’t worry. Becoming a full-time techie does NOT mean throwing in the towel on your creativity or walking away from the high-powered job you always dreamed of. In fact, I have a feeling you’ll be surprised to find certain jobs on this list, like Interaction Designer and Digital Marketing Manager.

These days, “tech jobs” exist in every department. So whether you are a writer, a marketer, an artist, or a data junkie, tech skills can put one of these jobs in your future.

Here are some of the job titles you can snag.

Social Media + Marketing

1. Marketing Technologist

Marketing technologists are like the peanut butter that holds the crackers together, the crackers being a stellar business plan and the technology that makes it happen.

Tasks: As a marketing technologist, you’ll spend your days coming up with marketing strategies and finding, testing, and selecting the technology that powers it.

Skills: Project management skills, writing and verbal communication skills, tech skills (like HTML + CSS), experience with online marketing strategies and concepts (like growth hacking + headline testing), quick to learn new technologies, Google Analytics, project management (like Asana) and email services (like Mailchimp).

Average US Salary: $102,000


2. SEO Consultant

SEO is a hot topic these days, but just because keyword mining might be over, it doesn’t mean SEO is out of the picture. As an SEO Consultant, you’re there to make sure that great content doesn’t get lost in the heap.

Tasks: You’ll spend your time working to gain inbound links to increase traffic, optimize copy and metadata for SEO, create high-impact stories and headlines

Skills: Growth/data analysis, A/B Testing, Google Analytics, storytelling, branding, and written communication

Average US Salary: $102,000


3. Web Analytics Developer

If SEO has to do with how users find your site, web analytics is all about what they do once they get there. Instead of optimizing your site for the Web, you’re analyzing how users behave on your own sites.

Tasks: You’ll collect, measure, and analyze data (like web traffic, acquisition, and conversion) so you can make sense of how people are using the web (and how to optimize sites based on that data).

Skills: Experience with analytics software such as Omniture, Google Analytics, Coremetrics, Webtrends, comScore

Average US Salary: $100,000


4. Digital Marketing Manager

Digital marketing manages are kind of like Peggy Olson in today’s world. A digital marketer’s role is to understand customers and the stories they tell and believe about themselves. Instead of magazine ads and radio commercials, digital marketing managers advertise on new media platforms like social networks, email, and blogs, and they measure their success with hard data.

Tasks: Your job is to attract users and convert them into customers. To effectively market in the digital world, that means measuring and analyzing what works and what doesn’t.

Skills: Email marketing, SEO and web analytics, branding and storytelling, A/B testing

Average US Salary: $88,000


5. Social Media Manager

Imagine getting paid to Tweet. As a social media manager, that’s just the tip of the iceberg – you eat, sleep, and breathe social media interaction.

Tasks: Working in social media, you’ll be targeting audiences with social content, analyzing, testing, and optimizing strategies, and driving brand awareness.

Skills: Expert familiarity with platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Snapcha; data analysis; writing and communication; branding and storytelling

Average Salary (New York, NY): $76,000 (Indeed)


6. Growth Hacker

Growth hackers, so hot right now. If Digital Marketing Managers are all about growing brands and business with powerful stories and user engagement, growth hackers take a closer look at the numbers.

Tasks: If you become a growth hacker, you’ll drive new customers to businesses and ensure scalable business growth.

Skills: analytics and SEO, conversion rate optimization, traction testing, lead growth marketing

Average Salary (New York, NY): $99,000 (Indeed)



7. Content Manager

Content isn’t just about the company blog anymore.

Tasks: create and edit content, define and implement brand voice, manage content, analyze user engagement and shift strategies frequently

Skills: Writing, editing, and storytelling, email marketing, AB testing, traction testing, and expertise in content management system (CMS) like WordPress are just some of the varied tasks you’ll do as a content manager.

Average US Salary: $67,000


8. Content Strategist

Content strategists are like content managers, but they typically work with a larger scope of projects. They might also spend more time studying data on how their audiences engage with the content and coming up with ways to improve that engagement.

Tasks: You’ll create and edit content, define and implement brand voice, manage content, analyze user engagement, and shift strategies frequently working as a content strategist.

Skills: writing, editing, and storytelling; email marketing; A/B testing; traction testing; expertise in content management system (CMS) like WordPress
Average US Salary: $74,000


9. Information Architect

Information architects do their work where content meets product strategy.

Tasks: Information architect’s main jobs are to create site maps and user flows, define data flows/delivery, and research concept and usability testing.

Skills: web analytics, organize information, translate user behavior into site structures, Git + GitHub

Average US Salary: $82,500 according to Salary.com


User experience

10. UX Designer

User experience designers are a lot like information architects, only they spend more time coding, mocking up designs, and working with developers.

Tasks: If you get into UX design, your job will include developing prototypes, mocking up designs, designing specs, researching and analyzing user experience and behavior to iterate and traction test.

Skills: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, wireframing tools, version control tools, data analysis, Git + GitHub

Average US Salary: $103,071 according to Salary.com


11. UI Designer

User interface designers work closely with user experience designers, but rather than focusing on analysis, user interface designers are all about the look and feel of a site.

Tasks: Your work as a UI designer will be to design site interfaces and graphics, do customer analysis, perform design research, and create branding and interactive and animated designs.

Skills: Photoshop, wireframing, prototyping tools, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Git + GitHub

Average US Salary: $98,375 according to Salary.com


12. Accessibility Specialist

Accessibility specialists focus on creating interfaces and user experiences that work towards making products accessible to everyone.

Tasks: The kind of work you can expect as an accessibility specialist includes evaluating accessibility compliance; working with UX, UI, and product designers; and researching and testing products and services for accessibility.

Skills: experience with assistive technology (like screen readers, screen magnifiers, etc.), experience with human/computer interaction, prototyping, wireframing, data analysis

Average US Salary: $64,000


13. Interaction Designer

You know how the Twitter feed continually loads? That’s just one example of a feature you’ll build as an interaction designer.

Tasks: Get your digital hands dirty as an interaction designer creating wireframes, screenflows, and prototypes; developing user personas, site maps, and moodboards; and creating interactive web designs.

Skills: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, frameworks, Git + GitHub

Average US Salary: $85,532 according to Salary.com


Frontend development

14. Front-End Designer

Ah, front-end (sometimes frontend or front end) designers. This is the job where all that HTML and CSS you learned gets center stage. Front-end designers can do a lot of different jobs, from seeing designs through from prototyping to implementing to focusing on coding up existing designs.

Tasks: The main responsibilities of a front-end designer are to transform mockups into web pages, create and optimize graphics for the web, and write clean and efficient code.

Skills: HTML, CSS, SASS, sometimes JavaScript, jQuery, and front-end frameworks

Average US Salary: $92,000


15. Front-End Developer

Front-end developers don’t just create static sites – they also know how to code up interactive pages and web apps.

Tasks: Front-end development could be right for you if you like the idea of prototyping and building interactive sites, debugging across browsers, and managing user data.

Skills: Git + GitHub, JavaScript, jQuery, Grunt/Gulp, SASS, HTML, CSS, frameworks like Bootstrap, Node.js, AngularJS, and Ember.js.

Average US Salary: $119,224 according to Salary.com


Backend Development

16. Mobile Developer

Have you ever wondered how websites are turned into apps? That’s the secret super power of mobile developers!

Tasks: You’ll work as a mobile developer to optimize code for mobile, take designs from prototype to code, and test and analyze code for mobile.

Skills: Git + GitHub, iOs, Android, other languages like Ruby, Objective-C, or Java

Average US Salary: $84,040 according to Salary.com


17. Full-Stack Developer

Have you ever heard the term “the whole enchilada?” Full-stack developers can see projects through from start (prototyping, planning) to middle (designing, building) to finish (deploying, managing).

Tasks: Covering the full-stack as a developer means building and managing platforms and working across teams to create projects, code projects, and manage databases.

Skills: Anything!! Git + GitHub, HTML, CSS, SASS, JavaScript, Java, MySQL, Ruby, Python, Responsive Web Design, jQuery, frameworks, PHP, Apache

Average US Salary: $101,839 according to Salary.com


18. Software Developers

Software developers design apps and programs. Microsoft Word? Software devs were behind it.

Tasks: Are you ready to write code; design, prototype, and analyze software; and work with designers, product managers, and programmers? Then there’s probably a future software developer in you waiting to get out!

Skills: Git + GitHub, skills like HTML, CSS, SASS, JavaScript, Java, MySQL, Ruby, Python, Responsive Web Design, jQuery, frameworks, PHP, Apache, etc.

Average US Salary: $86,483 according to Salary.com


19. WordPress Developer

WordPress powers more than 20% of the world’s websites. Learning to build WordPress sites puts you in high demand for freelance jobs and full-time positions.

Tasks: Take advantage of the power of WordPress as a developer by designing and coding themes and plugins, managing content, deploying and backing up sites and managing versions with Git and GitHub.

Skills: Git + GitHub, PHP, HTML, CSS

Average US Salary: $79,000

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20. Frameworks Specialist

When you’re coding, you don’t always start from scratch. Frameworks like AngularJS, Ember.js, and Node.js, provide just that – a framework to work in.

Tasks: If you’ve got frameworks down pat, you can use them as a specialist to design, prototype, and write code for web projects.

Skills: Git + GitHub, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, a framework like Node.js, AngularJS, Ember.js, etc.

Average US Salary: $102,000 (Indeed, AngularJS average)


21. Ruby on Rails Developer

Ah, Ruby! We love Ruby! The language programmers love. And guess what? Companies love paying you to do it.

Tasks: Earn top dollar using the lovely Ruby on Rails to design, prototype, and develop apps.

Skills:Git + GitHub, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, SQL, JS libraries

Average US Salary: $105,000


22. Python Developer

Like Ruby, Python is all about simple syntax that makes sense to programmers and is great for beginners.

Tasks: Put Python to work in development designing, prototyping, and developing apps using it.

Skills: Git + GitHub, HTML, CSS, Python, Django, JavaScript, jQuery

Average US Salary: $102,000



23. Business Systems Analyst

As a business systems analyst, you’ll be like a technology matchmaker. But, instead of helping people find love, you’ll be helping your company get the technology that’ll help them find customers and profits!

Tasks: As a business systems analyst you’ll research how a company can best use technology and help implement and evaluate technology solutions.

Skills: familiarity with IT systems and software, diplomatic and effective communicator

Average Salary: $92,000

Business Systems Analyst

24. Systems Engineer

Ever wonder who’s responsible for getting and setting up all the computers and programs your company uses? That’s a systems engineer’s job.

Tasks: Your role as a system engineer will be to define, develop, install, and evaluate software and systems.

Skills: expert knowledge of software and hardware, focused problem-solving

Average Salary: $92,000

Systems Engineer

25. Systems Administrator

SysAdmins are always hard at work behind the scenes making sure that your machines and applications are running as smoothly and safely as they should.

Tasks: You’ll keep things running smoothly as a sysadmin by maintaining, updating, and upgrading software and hardware plus troubleshooting technical problems.

Skills: hands-on experience with operating systems and equipment, good organizational skills, attention to details

Average Salary: $75,000

Systems Administrator


26. Database Administrator

If you are meticulous about naming and tagging your photos and always keep your files backed up, then you might have the soul of a database administrator.

Tasks: Installing, maintaining, and securing databases and data storage will be your critical tasks if you become a database administrator.

Skills: organized, detail-oriented, hands on experience with data

Average Salary: $98,664 according to Salary.com

Database Administrator

27. Data Architect

Being a data architect is like being the architect for the virtual house that an organization’s data will live in.

Tasks: As a data architect, you’ll spend your days designing and building systems for collecting, processing, and storing data.

Skills: understanding of databases and data storage, systematic thinking

Average Salary: $112,000

Data Architect

28. Data Modeler

Can you both understand the “big picture” and the details behind it? As a data modeler, you’ll need to wrap your head around both theoretical and the concrete concepts about data.

Tasks: If you’re intrigued by defining what kind of data a company needs and how to structure and organize it, you should definitely consider a career in data modeling.

Skills: information science training, conceptual and practical thinking

Average Salary: $102,000

Data Modeler

29. Data Analyst

A data analyst is like a historian for a company’s information. They gather the facts about data and relate the stories it tells.

Tasks: Your responsibilities as a data analyst will be to collect, process, and report on data for business and organizations.

Skills: understanding of databases and storage, attention to detail, ability to communicate findings clearly and concisely

Average Salary: $61,000

Data Analyst

30. Data Scientist

Instead of using data to tell what’s happened to a company in the past, a data scientist uses data to tell a company what to do in the future. Predictions, anyone?

Tasks: As a data scientist, you’ll take on analyzing and interpreting findings from data for decision-making.

Skills: excellent analytical and modelling skills, deep understanding of organization’s situation and strategy

Average Salary: $79,000

Data Scientist

31. Cloud Architect

Just like you couldn’t live without your Dropbox or Google Drive account nowadays, a lot of companies need cloud storage to compete. And cloud architects help them make the most of cloud services.

Tasks: If you become a cloud architect, you’ll be expected to design, set up, and manage cloud data storage and access services and work to prevent security issues.

Skills: knowledge of cloud technologies and providers, ability to work closely with vendors and adapt to quickly-changing technologies.

Average Salary: $112,000

Cloud Architect


32. Technical Lead

In short, a technical lead is the leader of a group of developers. But don’t let the lack of a flashy title fool you – They have the critical task of keeping the team focused and turning plans into reality, plus they’ll often be doing some of the programming themselves.

Tasks: Working as a technical lead, you’ll set and maintain visions for development teams, make sure developers have the environment, budget, and support they need, and work alongside developers doing some programming yourself.

Skills: programming prowess and leadership abilities, team-building skills, process and goal focused

Average Salary: $93,000

Technical Lead

33. DevOps Manager

A DevOps Manager is the bridge between developer, quality, and technology teams – helping them understand each others’ tasks and situations so that they can work together to get the best results.

Tasks: Can you facilitate cooperation between development, operations, and QA to help get the best software produced as quickly and reliably as possible? Then DevOps is for you!

Skills: broad knowledge of technologies, great communicator, enjoys and promotes teamwork

Average Salary: $106,000

DevOps Manager

34. Agile Project Manager

Agile management is all about being responsive and interactive to get what’s essential done as soon as possible. So fast and flexible teamwork is the name of the game – and that game even includes “scrums”!

Tasks: Managing the design and build of IT products or services using agile management techniques will be your main focus as an agile project manager.

Skills: knowledge of agile techniques, team management skills, problem solver

Average Salary: $102,000

Agile Manager

35. Product Manager

Consider yourself a multitalent? Product manager could be a great role to bring your different interests together since they work to bring together business, technology, and user experience.

Tasks: Some of your many tasks as a product manager will be to understand and balance multiple requirements for products, set priorities, make sure the best products are produced, and analyze results.

Skills: strong technical background, interacts well with different groups, analytical

Average Salary: $79,000

Product Manager

36. Technical Account Manager

You don’t have to give up working with customers just because you go into tech. As a technical account manager, you’ll be key to meeting customers needs and winning sales.

Tasks: If you get into technical account management, your role will be to build customer relationships, analyze customer requirements, help to develop solutions, and provide after-sales support.

Skills: customer-focused, understanding of technologies, great communicator

Average Salary: $86,000

Technical Account Manager


37. Security Specialist

It goes without saying how important security is in tech nowadays. So, if you want to be in demand in the industry, consider the job of security specialist.

Tasks: The critical role you’ll play as a security specialist will mean you’ll analyze and maintain security of data, systems, and equipment and investigate any breaches to prevent them in the future.

Skills: in-depth knowledge of systems and security threats and best practices, analytical skills, interest in staying up-to-date on changes in the industry

Average Salary: $68,000

Security Specialist

38. QA (Quality Assurance) Specialist

Here’s a chance to be nitpicky and get paid for it! Working as a QA specialist, you’ll be expected to find all the flaws and glitches in software and apps and come up with tests to detect them.

Tasks: You’ll help keep companies’ quality top-notch as a QA specialist by evaluating software and applications, developing and running quality tests, and documenting and analyzing test results.

Skills: independent, detail-oriented, systematic, analytical

Average Salary: $80,912 according to Salary.com


39. Game Developer

Flappy Bird fans and Desert Golfing devotees, rejoice! You can earn a living playing – or at least making games to be played.

Tasks: Turn fun into you career as a game developer with work ranging from programming to designing and graphics to testing.

Skills: technical chops in area of expertise, creativity, interest in latest developments and trends, tolerance for tight deadlines

Average Salary: $66,178 according to Salary.com

Game Developer

40. Computer Graphics Animator

You can’t see a movie or commercial nowadays without seeing computer animation. So, just think – You could be the creator of a character as loveable as Groot or special effects as realistic as “The Perfect Storm”.

Tasks: As a cg animator, you’ll be the one to design, present, and develop graphic animation.

Skills: mastery of animation tools and technology, creativity, artistry, teamwork skills

Average Salary: $70,000


41. Mobile App Developer

Mobile apps are one of the hottest things in tech now. So, if you’re hoping to create the next Instagram or want to have a part in the next rage in social media, consider a career as a mobile developer.

Tasks: create, design, and develop mobile apps

Skills: mobile programming skills, UX/UI design, desire to learn new technologies and keep up with trends, ability to work under pressure

Average Salary: $102,000

Mobile App Developer

Pretty amazing range of jobs in tech, isn’t there? There’s really something for everyone whether you’re creative, analytical, a natural-born leader, or all about teamwork.

And you can start getting the skills you need for these jobs – and so many more! – right here at Skillcrush. Join us in our Break Into Tech course to begin building a fantastic foundation for your dream career in tech.

*All salaries are US averages from Indeed unless otherwise noted.

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