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Information Architect

Also goes by: User Experience Architect, Data Architect, Content Strategist

What Is a Information Architect?

Information architects organize and structure information for websites and apps to support usability.

How much will I make?

Salaries can range by location and years of experience, but these are averages for the US.

according to Salary.com

Will I get a job?

Projected job growth is 23% for the period 2021-2031 in the US, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Total Openings
according to bls.gov

Who will I work for?

  • Large corporations with complex websites
  • Digital agencies
  • E-commerce companies
How To Become a

Information Architect

It’s absolutely possible to become a Information Architect even if you have no prior experience in tech and no degree. In fact, a career as a Information Architect is one of the best entry level jobs in tech. Read on to learn how to do it!


Learn The Required Skills

First things first, in order to become a Information Architect you have to learn the required tech skills!


Wireframing is the process of creating basic visual representations or blueprints of websites or applications to outline the layout and structure, aiding in planning and communication during the design and development stages.

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User Research

User research involves gathering data and insights about user behavior, preferences, and needs.

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Taxonomy Development

Taxonomy development is the creation of classification systems for organizing information and data.

Content Organization

Content organization is structuring and arranging content in a logical and user-friendly manner.


Build A Portfolio

The best way to demonstrate that you have the necessary skills—especially when you have no prior experience—is with a portfolio of professional quality coding samples.

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Apply For Tech Jobs

Once you’ve learned all the required technical skills and built a killer portfolio, it’s time to dust off that old resume and LinkedIn profile and hit the pavement, or Internet superhighway as it were, in search of your first job as a Front End Developer!

➡️ Prepare Your Resume, LinkedIn, and Portfolio

Although your most valuable asset as you job search is your portfolio, you do have to cross your t’s and dot your i’s and when it comes to the job search that means optimizing your resume and LinkedIn profile. Tech employers expect you to have all three!

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➡️ Build Your Network

Your net worth is in your network, which can be hard when you’re changing careers! But don’t worry, the tech industry is incredibly welcoming to newcomers. Whether you prefer in-person meetups, Slack channels, coffee-over-zoom chats, conferences, hack-a-thons or a little bit of everything, there are tons of opportunities for you to meet fellow techies.

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➡️ Find Good Jobs To Apply For

A good job can be hard to find—or is it? The good news about tech is that there are so many openings at so many diverse companies that your biggest challenge will most likely be keeping up with all the opportunities!

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➡️ Practice Interviewing

Whether you’re a season pro, or brand new to the tech industry: interviewing for a new job is tough! Add to that technical interviews…and you’ve got a recipe for heartburn, practically guaranteed. Luckily there’s an antacid on the market that works every time: practice. Read on for expert guidance on how to prepare for your next tech job interview.

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➡️ Prepare for Technical Tests

Ah the dreaded technical test! Technical tests can come in many different forms: whiteboard tests, pair programming tests, take-home tests, algorithmic tests…just to name a few. Luckily, getting good at technical tests is a skill, just like anything else, and it’s one you can absolutely practice ahead of time.

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